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Photobook Publishing Packages




Photobook Publishing Packages

Our Photo Books packages are all tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We ensure that ever package comes with the same professional approach to ensure the customers 100% satisfied with their finished book.

All packages include:

Polish Edit

his is a light content edit to correct all major spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage and continuity errors. All of the editor’s suggested changes will be marked on the manuscript for the author to accept or reject.

Author Aid

All authors who decide to publish with Spinetinglers will be assigned an Author Aid. All our Author Aids have a great deal of experience and will be there to guide you through every step of the self publishing process. And their support doesn’t end when your book is published – they will keep you updated with quarterly royalty reports and will still be available to offer any required advice post-publication.

Print On Demand

All our titles are print on demand – this allows books to be printed one at a time, and means you are not restricted by print runs; we can print as many, or as few, copies of your book whenever you may need them.

Global Distribution

Book stores throughout the world [online and store-based] will be able to order your book.

FREE Inclusion in the Ingram Advance Catalogue

Your book will be signed up to the Ingram Advance Catalogue for FREE – this means that it will be available to order through all web and store based booksellers.

Amazon Search Inside

The Search Inside feature is a revolutionary way for publishers and authors to merchandise their titles on Amazon. When a customer searches for books on Amazon this feature uses content from inside participating books – not just the author, title, and keywords supplied by the publisher – to return the best possible selection of books in their search results. Amazon Search Inside also allows customers to browse a section of your book before they decide to buy – it’s just like being in a virtual book store!

ISBN Assignment

Your book will be assigned an unique ISBN.


Get a glimpse of your book online – allowing readers to get a snippet of what it’s about.

Interior Format

We will fully format your book’s interior to your specific requirements. This will be prepared in consultation with you – you will have the final say in book layout, size, font and picture placement.

Back Cover Blurb Check

For the vast majority of readers the decision to purchase your book is based on your blurb. A good blurb should be around 150 words. We will check your blurb before publication, and will suggest any necessary changes – this ensures that your finished book will look as professional as possible.

Ability to Order Extra Copies at a Discounted Rate

At any time after publication you can order additional copies of your book from Spinetinglers at cost price per book + shipping.

Regular Sales & Royalty Updates

You will receive a royalty report at the end of every quarter. This will let you see how many books you’ve sold and the territories in which you sold them.