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This is where you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions – this page will be continually updated.

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Q – Do you publish all genres?

A– Yes – we publish everything from dark fiction to children’s books, fiction and non-fiction.


Q – If Spinetinglers publishes my manuscript, who will own the rights to my work?

A – YOU! If Spinetinglers publishes your book you will always own all rights to your work. In addition we would recommend that you copyright it, but you own the rights. We do not “take over” your work when we publish it; the only thing you must agree to in our contract is to let us publish your work globally, both in print and electronically.


Q – How much will it cost to publish my book?

A – We have a wide range of affordable publishing packages available. Or feel free to contact us to discuss what package best suits your needs.


Q How long will it take for my book to be published?

A It depends on what stage your manuscript is at, and exactly what services you will require – but your book could potentially be published and on sale in less than a month.


Q Where will my book be sold?

A Your book will be available through all major online retailers eg. Amazon, Barnes&Noble etc. In addition, book stores worldwide will be able to place orders for your book. If you publish your e-book with us it will be available through all major e-book retailers, including: Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks and Fishpond.


Q Do I receive royalties?

A Yes. When we are deciding the RRP of your book we will determine the amount of royalties you receive per copy – this will all be done in consultation with you.


Q How often do I receive royalties?

A Once your book is published you will receive a royalty statement every quarter. Once your royalty amount hits £20.00 you will receive a payment. If your royalties are not £20.00 or more, the money will be carried forward to subsequent statements until the balance exceeds £20.00.


Q How are my royalties paid?

A Authors based in UK and USA can choose to receive their royalties by either cheque or BACS transfer. Authors based in any other country must receive their royalties by BACS transfer.


Q My book has been published by Spinetinglers but there is something I want to change – is this possible?

A Yes. We can make changes to both the interior and cover of your book at any time after publication.


Q Why should I choose Spinetinglers?

A We believe that there is no other publisher who is as focused on the needs of the author, whilst ensuring that our prices are as competitive as possible. We know what we want from a publisher and this is what we are giving you.


Q My book has been published by another publisher but I’d like to change to Spinetinglers – is this possible?

A Yes. This is very easy, the first thing to do is contact us – we will then ask you a number of questions about your book and the way it is published so that we can establish what you need. This is a service that we will provide for you at cost price, we do not make a profit from this publishing option.


Q Is it true that if I sell 1000 copies of my book I will get my money back?

A Yes. We will return the full cost of your publishing package once you’ve sold your 1000th copy.